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Niayesh Hotel is a collection of 12 plaques in the form of 9 buildings completed in 10 years and each building has its own history and story. Here is a brief overview of it.


1- Mostafavi Complex

           a- Mostafavi House

           b- Professor Sedaghat Kish House


2-Moayeddi Historical Houses

           a- Moayedi Khalvat Khane

           b- Abdol Hossein Moayedi Historical House


3-Seven Hostel


4-Consierge and Playground


5-Parking Complex and the Eastern and Northern Door of Niayesh Hotel


6-Yasin Historical House


7-Shiraz Hostel


1- Mostafavi Complex:

This complex includes two plaques:

a- Mostafavi House
b- Professor Sedaghat Kish House


a-Mostafavi House: Mostafavi House is the first building of Niayesh traditional Hotel which is a historic house with the most authentic Shirazi architecture. It has an exterior, an interior, orsi, gooshvare, shah neshin, a garden, a fountain and a combination of different flowers and trees with unsurpassed perfume such as Jasmine, pussy, orange, walnut and so on.

Mostafavi's house was the site of the Shirazi literary society in1921 and Bustan and Golestan-e Sadi and Divan-e Hafiz were collected and published for the first time in this house. This is the first printery in Shiraz and Fars province newspapers have been published in this place.

Mostafavi House, with an area of 540 meters, 17 rooms, 3 yards, and a 300-meter-wide roof, was purchased from Moeini brothers in February 17 2010 and after a year of restoration, Niayesh hotel was born in 2011.



















b-Professor Sedaghat Kish House:

This house was purchased in 2011 with an area of 130 meters and in September of the same year the construction process began and started up on March 18, 2012 with 5 rooms on both floors and a great basement. At the moment, this basement belongs to the sports complex and the hotel's spa.

This structure was built for the sake of Dr. Sedaghat Kish, an excellent professor of archeology, Iranianology and Shirazology. Since he had an extensive research on Sang-e Siah neighborhood and Niayesh Hotel, this building has been named after him.

This building has a large inscription of Saadi's chants. At the entrance of this building there is a manuscript of him.






























2-Moayeddi Historical Houses:

This building was registered as one of the Iran National Works in 31 May, 2003 with the registration number of 8968. It contains two adjacent houses with an area of 1000 meters. Each of them has two courtyards and in 14, August 2014 was purchased by Niayesh Hotel. It was constructed in a year, and on September 1, 2015, with 27 rooms, two courtyards, 30-meter restaurant, 70-meter kitchen, embroidery workshop and miniature gallery started to work.





























Moaidi building consists of two houses named as follow:

a- Moayedi Khalvat Khaneh:

This building with the area of 300 meter is an Iranian- Qadjar House which has a one maned building which includes orsi, gooshvare, central courtyard and a very beautiful fountain and the brick architecture of the courtyard is so unique. There is a drinking fountain at the corner of this house which is named after Abolfazl al-Abbas which has an attractive and impressive atmosphere. This dormitory is connected to the Abdol Hossein Moayedi House via two corridors and a shared vault connects it to the Mostafavi House.






















b- Abdol Hossein Moayedi Historical House:

This building was registered as one of the Iran National Works in 31 May, 2003 with the registration number of 8968. This house is among the four- side historical houses with a wealthy architecture. This house with the area of 700 meters is consist of 17 rooms, Bid-O Narendj Coffee Shop, Torandj (Quattro) Restaurant and so on. Since September 2015 the main reception entrance would be from this building.

3-Seven Hostel

This building was purchased in January 21, 2016 and after a year of construction, in partnership with Iranian Seven Hustle Chain this hustle started working in 2017. This hostel with two floors has a gable roof and consists of 19 rooms without bathroom with 4 shared bathrooms and toilets. Seven Hostel is well-known for its unique vegetation. The presence of orange trees, rosette and ivy has created an entirely Iranian atmosphere. Which made it the best choice for the economic travelers.





















4-Consierge and Playground

In January 20, 2017 by purchasing two plaques, in front of hotel entrance, in the vicinity of Imam Zade, Niayesh Hotel was expanded. Four entries were created from the beginning of the alley. The creation of luggage room, concierge, photo galleries, crafts and photo studios created an entrepreneurship in this hotel.

At the entrance of the forth alley of Niayesh hotel, there are also sport equipment and a playground for children in this area.



























5-Parking Complex and the Eastern and Northern Door of Niayesh Hotel

Between 2017 and 2019, by purchasing 5 properties on the northern side of the Moayedi building with 5 rooms, 1000 meters of parking lot, two entrances to the main street and forth alley of Dastgheib Martyr, Niayesh Hotel created the welfare of its customers.






















6-Yasin Historical House

In the Qajar period, houses of Shirazi Families were adjacent, so that an alley was owned by a family. Yasin Building is one of the houses belonging to Mostafavi Family which was purchased in February 2017 and after the restoration process was exploited in 2018.

Yasin Traditional House consist of 9 large rooms with a unique architecture which is the choice of particular travelers. There is an Iranian Kitchen name as Sun Flower on top of Yasin Complex.






























7-Shiraz Hostel

A little gable house with 2 floors and 2 rooms which is for travelers who are interested to have an economic journey.

























Before Restoration










After Restoration