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Iran is by origin the same word as Aryan, and throughout history has been intermittently applied to the people of Indo-European, that is, Aryan origin occupying the plateau and to the plateau itself ...More

iran, shiraz, persepolisPersepolis

     The center of the great Persian Empire, ceremonial capital of the Achaemenian and the showpiece of Achaemenian art, Persepolis (Capital of Persia, in Greek) is a historic site in Fars Province...More








iran, shiraz, vakil mosqueShiraz
      During Now Ruz (the Iranian New Year beginning on 21 st March), the city becomes a field of flowers and greenery, heady with scent of orange blossoms. Points of interest in Shiraz include the tombs of the celebrated Persian poets ... More






iran, isfahan, persian handicraftIsfahan
     The most famous Persian description of the city of Isfahan is Isfahan nesf-e Jahan (Isfahan is half the world), which the Isfahanis coined in the 16th century to express the city's grandeur...More







iran, kashan, tabatabaeiha houseKashan
       Located in an altitude of 1,600m above sea level, Kashan is one of the main cities of Isfahan Province and a beautiful large oasis town on the Qom-Kerman road running along the western edge of the Great Desert...More






iran, nomadsNomads
      No one can neglect the material and style of the costumes of the Iranian tribesmen. The style of dress differs from tribe to tribe and this variation can be seen in the costumes of both men and women...More








 Yazd  is a centre of Zoroastrian culture. The city is located some 175 miles southeast of Isfahan. Yazd has a population of over a half million... More









iran, kermanKerman
      Kerman has had a long and turbulent history, and it has only for short spells enjoyed peace and prosperity at the same time. Late in the 18th century A.D. Aqa Mohammad Khan, Shah of QaJar dynasty, took a terrible vengeance on the people of Kerman because they had given help to his mortal enemy Lotfali Khan Zand...More






iran, abyaneh villageAbyaneh
      One of the most attractive to visit is in the village of ABYANEE, which was completely Zoroastrian right until the time of the intolerant Safavid Shah Ismail I in whose reign most of the villagers migrated to India or to Yazd...More








      Center of Shi'ite pilgrimage, capital of Khorasan Province and also for a time of the whole of Iran, Mashhad is situated in an altitude of 970m in the Kashaf-rud valley, a tributary of Harlrud, between the Binalud and Hezar Masjid mountains in a rich agricultural region...More







iran, tehran, azadi squareTehran

      Capital and largest city of Iran and Tehran Province in an area of 600sq. km. since 200 years ago. It is located in the northern part of the country. Tehran is Iran's administrative, economic, and cultural center as well as the major industrial and transportation center of the region...More







iran, ardabil, sheikh safiArdebil
      Historical precedence of this city dates back to the Parthians period. Ardabil was conquered by Islamic army in 22 A.H. (642 A.D.) and became the center of Azarbayejan in Bani-Omayyeh period during 33-41 A.H. (653-661 A.D.)...More






iran, hamedan, baba taher tombHamedan
      A city in western Iran, located in a productive farming region and the capital of Hamadan Province. The city is known for the manufacture of rugs, leather trunks, ceramics, and copper ware. It is the center of the Iranian shellac and leather trade and is commercially important because of its position on the principal route between Baghdad and Tehran...More






iran, orumiyehOrumiyeh

       Orumiyeh is an ancient city dating back to the middle of the 2nd millennium BC. It has been under the control of Arabs, Seljuqs and Mongols. Its history has been more peaceful after Mongols. In 1918, Christians escaped because of the fear of massacres of Armenians in Turkey although Christian community was reestablished shortly after...Mor






iran, hamedan, ali sadr water caveAliSadr Water Cave
      The Alisadr Caves are located about 75 kilometers in the north of Hamadan. After one in the USA and one in Indonesia, it is the largest cave in the world. And according to our guide, the one in America doesn't have water in it, so that one doesn't count!...More







iran, masoulehMasouleh

      Northern Iran, Gilan and Mazandaran. This includes the whole area to the south of the Caspian Sea, saltwater lake in southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia, the largest inland body of water in the world. it is bordered on the south by Iran, conforming to three provinces of Gilan, Mazandaran, and Golestan, from west to cast...More






iran, tehran national musumeTehran National Museum

      The idea for the construction of a building to house and protect the country's cultural heritage came from Sani od-Doleh. In the year 1295 of the lunar hejira (LH) calendar, a part of the old building of the Ministry of Sciences, located in the north of the Dar ol-Fonoon Technical School, was allotted for this purpose...More






iran, susaSusa

      The ancient city of Shush (Susa), capital of Elam, was an important and flourishing city before the advent of Islam. Scientific excavations begun in 1891 A.D. by French archaeological missions, and continued until the present time, have brought to light many remains and relics of a pre-historic civilization...More






iran, bazarBazaar
      bazaar has an expanded definition. It is a network of bargains between salespeople and customers. To put it in a nutshell, a bazaar can be clearly defined as the organized concentration of a current of exchanges by an assembly of salesmen and customers at a certain venue, fostering contacts to exchange goods and services...More






persian musical instrumentMusic
      Stone beating is another symbolic rite which is popular in several parts of the country accompanied by special melodies. Normally two pieces of stone are beaten on the sides of the mourner by special manners and movements accompanied by lamentation song...More







iran, ahvaz, acropol castelAhvaz
      This city is counted as one of the oldest cities in Iran and was called "Oksin" in the inscriptions and Hormoz Shahr in the Sassanids period. This city has been built on the sediments of the Tertiary period. Karun River has left alluviums on this eroded surface from the Quaternary period ...More







religious ritualsReligious Rituals
      Life after death has been a major theme with all the religions and the passage from this life into the other has been dealt with in a variety of ways, depending on the particular belief system. The major religions of Iran can be divided into three distinct periods...More







weaving carpetPersian Carpets

      The dazzling beauty and excellent quality of Persian carpets are well known all over the world. Undisputedly, this traditional fine art has always been a central core of Iranian history and culture within the past few thousand years....Mor







iran, firooz abadFirooz Abad

      This town is situated in the south-west of the Province and has an area of 11270 sq. km. The ancient name of this town was Gour, and Azododdowleh Dailamite called it Firouzabad...More








iran_persian handicraftHandicrafts

      Iran has witnessed lots of scientists and artists through history. Due to the presence of various races and languages in Iran, this country has different cultures so different handicrafts...More








iran, qom, masoume shrineQom
      The shrines of Hazrate Ma'soumeh at Qom, is one of the most sacred places of Shi'ite pilgrimage in Iran. Qom's importance as a pilgrimage center dates primarily from the rule of the Safavid monarchs who, after embracing Shi'ite Islam, generously endowed its major shrines...More








iran, kerman, bamBam
The historical Bam, in an altitude of 1000 m., is a half dead, half living town 195 km. to the southeast of Kerman. Once a famous citadel and a strategic stronghold...More






iran_spaIran Spas

The Sar Ein or Sar Ghein village, a district of Irdimoosi village, is located in the west of Ardabil city and is only28 kilometers from the city of Ardabil and 6 kilometers from the Ardabil - Tabriz road. The hot mineral waters ...More




iran, kazeroun, lake parishan

Lake Parishan and Dasht-e-Arjan

Lake Parishan and Dasht-e-Arjan are situated in the Province of Fars, in the Zagros mountains, 40 - 80 km west of Shiraz and 15 - 25 km south of Kazerun ... More