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When Travelling

Business Hour:

Banks, hospitals, and post offices are usually open every day with an opening hour from 7:30 or 8:30 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. or 16:00 p.m. except public holidays. On Thursdays they close earlier.




Useful Telephone Numbers:

Police: 110, Medical emergency: 115, Fire: 125


Travel with Children:

Since Iran is a very young country, it is really safe to travel with children. Just if you decide to travel in hot season don't choose hot areas.

Hotels and Restaurants: Most hotels and restaurants in Iran do not provide childcare facilities; it is advisable to bring your own. Some objects in the hotel room such as ashtrays, shampoo and tables may injure children by accident; keep an eye on your children.
Traveling: While traveling, it might be difficult to feed infants. Take additional water and food when traveling in rural and remote areas; in addition, bring extra diapers and toilet paper.


Accessible/Disabled Travel:

Iran is trying to improve the facilities for disabled travelers. The following are some tips:

- Before traveling, inform your agent of the physical condition so that they can make proper arrangements.

- Consult your doctors about the trip. Make sure to bring enough medicines and your adaptive aids such as a wheelchair.

- Note the telephone number of the hospital in the place you are planning to visit.

- Make sure your health insurance provides cover for your overseas visit. Alternatively, will your travel insurance will cover it.

- Most airlines and airports in Iran can provide facilities for disabled travelers. Ask the staffs for assistance if you are in difficulty.


Post and Telecom:

Postal Service

Please check:


Telephone, Telegram and Fax
While traveling in Iran, you can easily find a telephone in hotels, post offices and street kiosks. If you want to make a domestic long-distance call, you have to dial the area code with a prefix 0 first. You can also make international calls in post offices and hotels. Generally, local calls are free when you make them in hotel rooms. You can also buy IP cards in post offices, which can make long-distance calls cheaper.

Cyber cafes are readily available in most cities. Most hotels and some restaurants also provide Internet services. Generally, you can surf the Internet quickly and smoothly, but the fees do vary.


Medical service:

Most hospitals in big cities provide a high standard of medical care in Iran. However, in some remote areas, the medical service may not be to such a standard. Ensure your physical condition is good prior traveling. Bring some medicines with you, such as aspirin, anti-histamines and so on.



- Never take photos in sensitive areas such as military base, airfield, etc. and other sensitive areas where photography is forbidden.

- Ask for permission before taking photos of other people.

- Some holy shrines do not allow photography. So you'd better look for the sign or ask for the staffs before taking photos.

- You had better buy enough films in big stores or supermarkets before you go sightseeing as that is cheaper and the film more reliable.